1. How do I know if I have enough damage to warrant filing an insurance claim?  Please allow us to perform a totally free inspection and advise you professionally.
  2. What storm dates do I use for filing a new claim?  We track all major weather events in this area, so we will be able to provide the exact information that is needed.
  3. How long does it take from filing a claim to having an insurance company adjuster arrive for his inspection?  This can vary in extremes from 1 day up to a few weeks, all depending on the recent storm activity and backlog of work for their assigned field adjusters.
  4. If my claim is approved, what will it typically cost me in out of pocket expenses?  Unless you choose to upgrade to a higher quality shingle or better ventilation, your typical cost will be equal to your current deductible. 
  5. How long does it usually take to build a replacement roof once we are approved?  Most roofs that measure 35 squares (3500 sqft) or less can be done in one full 10-hour work day, with larger jobs requiring more time, all depending on the number of slopes and pitch values.
  6. Can you provide references for work completed in our area?  Yes, we are delighted to provide detailed contact information for any one of the more that 1000 existing  customers that we have served locally over the past years. 
  7. If I have been denied for a roof replacement in the recent past, can you still help me?  The answer is YES, for sure, in many cases we are able to request appeal inspections with new adjusters, and we often gain approvals where owners have given up hope from former results that were negative.
  8. Does your company also do other work around the house as well?  Definitely, we are a full service contracting business dealing with all aspects of residential construction and repairs (both interior and exterior).